We offer different systems of cleaning according to the type of pieces and the type of contamination to be eliminated.
The solutions are provided with plasma technology or using HFE
fluids with a possibility of process automation.
Inline cleaning system for wires and profiles using the HFE technology.
This system is THE solution to the conventional cleaning using traditional washing products.
The HFE cleaner of 3M is fully compliant with European and Swiss regulations and safety regulations
It may be used alone, on a rewinding line or inline with drawing, rolling or other process.
We are developing with our customers, the specific cleaning process to achieve the desired cleanliness.
The profile comes out, of the system CLEANSYS, clean and dry in an extremely short cycle time.
With GEO Reinigungstechnik we offer complete cleaning systems with ultrasonic technology in continuous single
line or multi-wire applications. GEO is also specialized in High
Pressure and Mechanical cleaning.